Hummer Conversion

Hummer transformer

Hummer Transformer Limousine is designed for Hummer brand lovers to surprise them by new shapes and new possibilities. Hummer Vehicles are known for their strength and possibility to overcome any landscape difficulties. This strength is combined with luxury and awe in the Hummer Transformer Limousine. Its passengers feel  strong and powerful and at the same time safe and stable. It is very important and precious quality to make passengers feel comfort for any vehicle designer. But Hummer Transformer Limousine attract our attention not only by its comfortability, but also by its stylish exterior look. It makes to feel its perfectness and power. This limousine makes to fall in love with him at the first glance. All necessary equipment is set in the salon of this unique and fabulous limousine: DVD and CD system will make your trip more captivating and will allow you enjoy you favorite songs or movies, or do not miss episode of the movie you can live without; a bar with soft drinks and champagne will help you to relax and enjoy the time; neon lightening and all other laser lights will entertain you during the trip and create an atmosphere of fun and play. Just call us for more info about this perfect vehicle and we will be glad to help you.